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a basis, a man, a woman, a plane, a counter, a bar, a brick, a leaf

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III. , , Indefinite.

1. Mary (to teach) mathematics at school next year.

2. Bad news (to travel) fast.

3. Yesterday I (to look) out of the window and (to see) that the weather (to be) bad,

4. It (to take) me an hour to cook breakfast.

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You can go to the museum by bus. It will take you 15 minutes to get there. Be quick and you may be there in time.

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The Impact of Television

Commercial television is also criticized for corrupting the values of Americans. The purpose of the entertainment programs, say critics, is nothing more than to get the attention of millions of Americans who will then watch the commercials which go with the programs. To get and to hold this attention, many entertainment programs include a great deal of sex and violence. Critics believe that such programs corrupt the morals of the American people and make them more violent in their behavior. The greatest concert of the critics is the negative effect of television sex and violence on the values and behavior of young people. Defenders of television say that they are only giving the American public what it wants. Only popular programs stay on television; others are quickly cancelled. Moreover, television offers a wide of entertainment, sports and news programs in the average family's living room at a ,very low cost, Defenders of television also point out that, for more than a decade, viewers have had an alternative to commercial television called public television.

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Why does commercial television corrupt the morals of people?