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Контрольная работа 1 Вариант 2

Дата сдачи: Апрель 2012


I. Образуйте множественное число следующих существительных: a deer, a city, a goose, a family, a box, a shelf, a swine, a dress.

II. Переведите на русский язык:

1. silk; a silk dress

2. a brick; a brick house

3. a film; a film star

4. cane; cane sugar

III. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в настоящем, прошедшем или будущем времени группы Indefinite.

1 . She (not to get) letters from her parents last month.

2. What you (to do) yesterday evening?

3. It (to sound) interesting.

IV. Переведите предложения на английский язык.

1. Телевизор находится справа от двери.

2. В стране большие запасы нефти и угля.

3. В том лесу были какие-нибудь грибы и ягоды?

4. В это время на улице не будет автобусов.

V. Из данных предложений выпишите и переведите на русский язык те, в которых есть модальные глаголы или их эквиваленты.

I was busy yesterday. I had to get ready for my seminar. I could do in library. I went there just after my classes.

VI. Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст.

Marriage and Divorce

Marriages are not "arranged" in the United States. Young peo­ple are expected to find a husband or wife on their own; their parents do not help them. In fact, parents are frequently not told of marriage plans until the couple has decided to marry. This means that parents have little control, and generally not much influence, over whom their children marry. Americans believe that young people should fall in love and then decide to marry someone they can live happily with, again evidence of the importance of an individual's happiness. Of course, in reality this does not always happen, but it remains the ideal and it shapes the views of courtship and marriage among young Americans.

Over the years the value placed on marriage itself is determined largely by how happy the husband and wife make each other. Happi­ness is based primarily on companionship. The majority of American women value companionship as the most important part of marriage. Other values, such as having economic support and the opportunity to have children, although important, are seen as less important.

VII. Ответьте письменно на вопрос к тексту.

What do the majority of American women value as the most important part of marriage? 

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