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Вариант 2. ИрГУПС

Дата сдачи: Ноябрь 2012

1. Выберите и вставьте в предложение прилагательное в нужной форме.
1) This man is ... than I. (the tallest, tall, taller)
2) That house is ... than this one. (high, the highest, higher)
3) Peter is ... in our group, (taller, the tallest, tall)
4) I am ... than he. (strong, stronger, the strongest)
5) The elephant is ... than the mouse, (the biggest, big, bigger)
6) She is ... in the world, (beautiful, more beautiful, the most beautiful)
7) This car ... than that one. (more expensive, the most expensive, expensive)
8) My uncle is ... than my aunt, (old, the oldest, older)
9) This film is as ... as that one. (more interesting, interesting, the most interesting)
10) The jaguar is ... than the lion, (fast, the fastest, faster)

2. Выберите правильную форму глагола.
1) My daughter ... in France, (live, lives)
2) He never ... up very early, (gets, get)
3) She ... a very good sister, (am, is, are) We ... her. (loves, love)
4) The children ... a lot of ice-cream, (eat, eats)
5) It seldom ... here, (rains, rain)
6) He ... books from the University library.(borrow, borrows)
7) My friends ... in a new district, (lives, live)
8) My family ... TV every evening, (watch, watches)
9) Our group ... English, (study, studies)
10) We ... his new address, (know, knows)
11) She ... study Japanese, (do not, does not)
12) They ... visit their friends every weekend, (does not, do not)

3. Сопоставьте краткие ответы с вопросами.
1) Is it warm today?  a) Yes, I do.
2) Is she a housewife?  b ) No, it is not.
3) Does he love her?  с ) Yes, I am.
4) Are you a student?  d ) Yes, she is.
5) Do you like pop music?  e ) Yes, he does.

4. Соотнесите английский вариант с русским.
1) It is fine day today.  а) Том смотрит на самолет.
2) Mr. Jones is with his family.  b) Они идут по мосту.
3) They are walking over the bridge.  с) Самолет летит над рекой.
4) Sally is looking at a big ship.  d) Сегодня хорошая погода.
5) The ship is going under the bridge.  e) Мистер Джонс проводит время с семьей.
6) Tom is looking at the aeroplane.  f) Сэлли смотрит на большой корабль.
7) The aeroplane is flying over the river.  g) Корабль проходит под мостом.

5. Выполните по образцу.
The man/cooking a meal.
The man is cooking a meal.
1) The woman/typing letters.
2) The birds/flying over the river.
3) The students/doing their homework.
4) The dogs/eating bones.
5) The girl/washing dishes. 
6) They/waiting for a bus.
7) The children/sleeping.
8) The man and woman/walking over the bridge. 
9) The cat/jumping off the tree. 
10) They/sitting on the grass.

6. Прочтите текст и ответьте на вопрос:
Jane talks faster than Mary who talks more slowly than George. Andrew talks faster than Jane but not so fast as Alice who talks faster than George who (as you know) talks faster than Mary who doesn't talk as fast as Jane. Who talks fastest of all? 

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