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1. Translate the text fr om English into Russian.
Australia is an industrial and agricultural country. It is rich in natural resources and minerals, so foreign trade is important for its economy. Australia is an exporter of raw materials, agriculture products, consumer goods, and equipment. The country buys abroad farm equipment, office equipment and other goods. Russian-Australian trade relations were established about sixty years ago. We bought fr om the country wool and wheat. For many years, the trade was rather one-sided as Australia's import from our country was small. Now the countries are trying to expand their trade and cooperation. Several new contacts have recently been signed and a few joint ventures have been set up.

India is a large country in Asia. The area of India is 2.94 million square kilometers. The population of India is about 800 million people. The climate of India is tropical but it is different in different parts of the country. The north¬western and central parts of the country are colder and drier than the eastern parts. There are more rainy days in the east of the country.

Answer the questions:
1. What is Australia rich in?
2. What does Australia export and import?
3. Why was Russian-Australian trade one-sided?
4. What is the climate of India?

II. Choose the correct form of the verb "to be":
a) am b) is c) are d) was e) were
I . Last year she ... 22, so she ... 23 now.
1. Today the weather... nice, blit yesterday it... cold.
3.1.. . hungry. Is there anything to eat?
4.1.. . hungry last night.
1. Wh ere ... you at I ? o'clock last Friday?
2. Don’t buy those shoes. They ... too expensive.
3. Why... you so angry yesterday?
4. We must go now. It... very late.
5. This time last year I... in Paris. 
6. My sister and brother... so tired at the end of the last term, i I . Charlie Chaplin, the famous film star,... bom in 1889.
12. Wh ere ... the children?-! don’ know. They ... in the garden 10 minutes ago.
III. Choose the correct form:
a) there is b)is there c)there are d)there was ejthere were f)there will be g) will there be
1 .... an interesting film on TV yesterday evening.
2. ... 24 hours in a day.
3. ... a party at the club last Friday.
4. ... anybody at the station to meet you tomorrow?
5. Ten years ago ... 500 children at this school. Now... over a thousand.
6. Look! The bag is empty. ... nothing in it.
7. The room is very dark. ... ( о much furniture in it.
8. ... a seminar and 2 lectures yesterday.
9. ... any bread at home?
10. ... a lot of work for you to do next week.
IV. Choose the correct form of the verb:
a) have got b) has got c) had d) will have
I . They like animals. They... 3 dogs and 2 cats.
2. Sarah ... not... bad habits.'She is a nice girl.
3. Tom is very sociable. He ... a lot of friends.
4. Next year 1 ... a new Hat.
5. They ... many exams last year.
6. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson ... two children: a boy and a girl.
7. i'm afraid I ... not... much time.
8. Alice was absent on Monday. She ... a toothache.
9. Ben is a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. He... a lot of English books at home.
10.. .. you... any money?
1 1 . They... a party next Saturday. Will you come?
12. He ... a lot of work to do two days ago.
V. Choose the right negative form:
a) not b) no
I . He is ... a doctor.
2. There was ... dictionary on the table.
3. There will be ... seminars tomorrow.
4. There is ... much furniture in the flat.
5. They have ... any relatives.
6. He has... friends.
VI. Choose the right degree of comparison:
1 . She is much ... than her sister, a) young b) younger c) youngest
2. You speak English ... of all. a) well b) better c) best
3. This book is the ... one in the store.
a) expensive b) more expensive c) most expensive
4. Ann's marks are ... than mine, a) bad b) the worst c) worse
5. He is as ... as a lion.
a) stronger b)strong c) the strongest
6. Your dress is... than hers.
a) the most beautiful b) more beautiful c) beautiful

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