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: 2012

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1. Can you pay me back ... money I lent you?
2. I know he is ... doctor.
3. ... Ben Nevis is ... highest mountain in ... United Kingdom.
4. Some people still believe ... world is flat.
5. In some countries ... murder is punishable by death.

2. . .

1. Jane is a good dancer, but I don’t know a (good) dancer than Pat.
2. If you compare this route with others, you will find it (quick) and (convenient).
3. She is the (clever) person in our family.
4. The (funny) thing that happened to us on holiday was when we got lost in the back streets of the city.
5. The (big) they come, the (hard) they fall.

3. : there is there are. .

1. ... about 150 geheral schools in our city.
2. ... a sofa opposite the fire-place.
3. ... a lot of books in the bookcases.
4. ... some cheese in the fridge.
5. ... seven days in a week.
6. ... any water in the glass?

4. . –s, .

1. My brother`s office is situated in Mira street.
2. You ask me too many questions.
3. John speaks three foreign languages.

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Financial, infamous, central, careful, agreemert, really, visitor, impossible, unknown, usless, darknees, deeply, investigation, writer.

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Oxford is beautiful town on the River Thames.
Oxford University was founded in the 12 th century as an aristocratic university. The University consists of 32 colleges- 27 colleges for men and 5 colleges for women. There are 16 faculties there. Each college is a completely autonomus body.
The term of studies lasts for 10 weeks. There are 3 terms in the Oxford Academic year.
Within the first week the freshman meets his tutor who tells the student about his plans, the lectures which he must take, about the requirements for the examination which he will take, about the course of reading for him. Attendance at lectures is not compulsory.
At the beginning or end of each term the progress of the students is tested by the college examinations.
This is how a student spends his day. His working hours are from 9 to 1. At 9 oclock he sees his tutor or goes to the ribraly, or attends lectures. From 2 to 5 he is engaged in sports and all kinds of exercise. From 5 to 7 he works in the library or laboratory. At 7 oclock they have dinner. After dinner the students have club activities, debating societies, ets. By 10 oclock the students must be in the college.
The doors of Oxford University are not open to all. The majority of the students are graduates of private schools, so Oxford University remains an aristicratic university to the present day.

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) :
1. Nice to see you.
2. How are you?
3. Let me introduce myself.
4. Thank you.
) :
1. Merry Christmas!
2. Can I help you?
3. You are welcome.
4. Lets hope for the best.