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1. When do students get degrees of Bachelor of Science?
2. When do students get a Master's degree?

1. Young people in the USA get higher education in colleges and universities. Students choose "major" subject and make many courses in this subject.
2. After four years of study students get the degrees of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.), Bachelor of Philosophy (B. Phil.) or Bachelor of Arts (B. A., if they study Greek or Latin). After a year or two of further study they get a Master's degree. If they go on in their study and research, they will get a still higher degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D).
3. Higher education trains people to become teachers, engineers or to do other professional work.
4. College students often continue their study at universities. Not: all the students get grants. The minimum period of study is two years (in this case they don't get the degree of Ph. D.), three or even four years.
5. Many cities have colleges and universities that hold evening classes as well as daytime classes. People who work in the daytime can get higher education attending evening classes.

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1. School education in the USA is free.
2. They were second-year students last year.
3. History will be the first lesson tomorrow.

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1. They have five lessons every day.
2. We had four exams last term.
3. Students will have a lecture on history tomorrow.

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