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Контрольная работа 5 Вариант 1, ЦветМет

Дата сдачи: Январь 2012

I. Переведите на русский язык, установив функцию инфинитива.
Пример. The best thing he could do was to get out of here. – Лучшее, что он мог сделать, это уехать отсюда.
To get out – часть сказуемого
1. Passing by a book-shop he suddenly remembered to buy some books.
2. I got up to receive my guests.
3. She was too astonished to speak.
4. Larry was the last person to come.

II. Измените структуру предложения по модели. Переведите.
Пример. It is difficult to explain his behaviour. His behaviour is difficult to explain. – Трудно объяснить его поведение.
1. It is rather hard to read his handwriting.
2. It is Very pleasant to listen to him. He sings so well.
3. It was difficult to get along with him.
4. It was easy to follow the track.

III. Замените выделенные части предложения инфинитивом или инфинитивной фразой. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
Примеры: 1) The lecture was very interesting, and the students kept quiet lest they should miss a word.
The lecture was very interesting, and the student kept quiet not to miss a word. – Лекция была очень интересной, и студенты соблюдали тишину, чтобы не пропустить ни слова.
2) The book is very long, one can't read it in a day.
The book is very long to be read in a day. – Книга очень большая, и ее нельзя прочесть за день .
1. My idea is that we should make a stop there for one or two days on our way back.
2. I left the window open that I might hear the music.
3. She read her composition a third time for fear that she might overlook a mistake.
4. How thoughtful it was of him that he had sent me the souvenirs.

IV. Определите, подчеркнув объектный и субъектный инфинитивные обороты (Complex Object и Complex Subject) и переведите предложения на русский язык.
Примеры: 1) He is said to have established another record. - Complex Subject. – Говорят, он установил еще один рекорд.
2) I understood you to change your mind. - Complex Object – Я понял, что вы измените свое мнение.
1. Everyone in the lobby heard the assistant - manager speak to Dr. Nicholas.
2. He is certain to have kept the appointment.
3. They are unlikely to get to the station in time.
4. 1 believe her to arrive tomorrow.

V. Переведите письменно текст. Помните о переводе инфинитива и инфинитивных оборотов в зависимости от функции в предложении.

The Introduction of the Railway

In 1829, when Stephenson entered his invention, the steam en¬gine, for a competition, people were shocked to find that it was possi¬ble to travel at a dangerous speed of 36 m.h.p. There were many pow¬erful opponents of the railway companies. The greatest number of people who were against the introduction of the railways into Britain were those who were interested in the natural conservation of the country. Trains were considered to be dangerous and it was said they frightened cows and .hens, killed birds with their smoke, and set houses on fire with their sparks.
On the other hand, communication was certainly helped by the railways. The laying of the tracks provided work for thousands and transporting people and goods was made easier. In fact travelling by rail soon became a common thing in everyone's life, and it is now dif¬ficult to imagine a world without railways or any other form of rapid transport.

VI. Напишите ответ на вопрос к тексту.
"What was the good side of the railway?"

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